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Join Flashbots

Over 80% of the Ethereum hashrate accepts Flashbots bundles which leads to fairer access to MEV and 0.3 ETH on average on top of every block reward for miners.

For new mining pools who would like to receive Flashbots bundles, please complete the Miner Indication of Interest Form.

Running MEV-Geth#

You can choose one of the following approaches to start using MEV-Geth

Build and launch MEV-Geth#

You can find the MEV-Geth repository here.

git clone
cd mev-geth
make geth

Implement specification#

If the Geth version that you are using contains a lot of custom code, you may want to implement required MEV-Geth changes yourself. You can find the latest specification here and the example implementation here

Install the MEV-Geth Go Plugin (coming soon)#

We are planning to deliver future versions of MEV-Geth in the form of Go plugins for Geth. Get in touch with Flashbots if you want to contribute!

Feature requests and bug reports#

If you are a user of MEV-Geth and have suggestions on how to make integration with your current setup easier, or would like to submit a bug report, we encourage you to open an issue in the mev-geth repository with the enhancement or bug labels respectively. If you need help getting started, please ask in the dedicated #⛏️miners channel in our Discord.