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EIP-1559 support added

Bundle scoring takes into account BASEFEE mechanisms to calculate miner's revenue from bundles.

Here is the formal definition of scoring functions:

sv0.3=Δcoinbase+TUgTmTTMUgTmTTUgTs_{v0.3} = \frac{\Delta_{coinbase} + \sum_{T\in U}g_Tm_T - \sum_{T\in M \cap U}g_Tm_T}{\sum_{T\in U}g_T}

ss: bundle UU score used to sort bundles.
UU: ordered list of transactions TT in a bundle.
MM: set of transactions TT in the mempool.
gTg_{T}: gas used by transaction TT.
pTp_{T}: gas price of transaction TT.
cTc_{T}: fee cap per gas of transaction TT.
δT\delta_T: priority fee per gas of transaction TT.
eTe_{T}: effective fee per gas of transaction TT equal min\min(cTc_{T}, BASEFEE + δT\delta_T).
mTm_{T}: miner fee per gas of transaction TT equal eTe_{T} - BASEFEE.
Δcoinbase\Delta_{coinbase}: coinbase difference from direct payment.