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goerli testnet

Flashbots operates a Goerli validator and searchers can test Flashbots by using it. Here's how to setup the Flashbots Bundle Provider in Ethers to use Goerli:

const provider = new ethers.getDefaultProvider("goerli");
const authSigner = new ethers.Wallet(  '0x2000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000'  provider);  const flashbotsProvider = await flashbots.FlashbotsBundleProvider.create(  provider,  authSigner,  "",  "goerli");

Sending bundles works the same as sending bundles on the mainnet. For example this will simulate a bundle and if it is successful then send a batch of 10:

const signedTransactions = await flashbotsProvider.signBundle([    {      signer: authSigner,      transaction: {        to: "0xf1a54b075fb71768ac31b33fd7c61ad8f9f7dd18",        gasPrice: 10,        gasLimit: 33000,        chainId: 5,        value: 0,      },    },  ]);
  const blockNumber = await provider.getBlockNumber();
  console.log(new Date());  const simulation = await flashbotsProvider.simulate(    signedTransactions,    blockNumber + 1  );  console.log(new Date());
  // Using TypeScript discrimination  if ("error" in simulation) {    console.log(`Simulation Error: ${simulation.error.message}`);  } else {    console.log(      `Simulation Success: ${blockNumber} ${JSON.stringify(        simulation,        null,        2      )}`    );  }  console.log(signedTransactions);
  for (var i = 1; i <= 10; i++) {    const bundleSubmission = flashbotsProvider.sendRawBundle(      signedTransactions,      blockNumber + i    );    console.log("submitted for block # ", blockNumber + i);  }  console.log("bundles submitted");

The reason why we submit bundles for the next 10 blocks is because Flashbots only runs a small portion of the validators on Goerli. We are more likely to have a bundle included if we submit bundles for several blocks into the future.