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mev-inspect-py is built to run on kubernetes locally and in production

Install dependencies

First, setup a local kubernetes deployment - we use Docker and kind

If using kind, create a new cluster with:

kind create cluster

Next, install the kubernetes CLI kubectl

Then, install helm - helm is a package manager for kubernetes

Lastly, setup Tilt which manages running and updating kubernetes resources locally

Start up

Set an environment variable RPC_URL to an RPC for fetching blocks Example:

export RPC_URL=""

Note: mev-inspect-py currently requires and RPC with support for OpenEthereum / Erigon traces (not geth 😔)

Next, start all servcies with:

tilt up

Press "space" to see a browser of the services starting up

On first startup, you'll need to apply database migrations. Apply with:

./mev exec alembic upgrade head

Tear down

First stop the running tilt window with Ctrl+C

Then run

tilt down