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Community Tools

Flashbots Bundle Explorer

  • Dashboard tracking the top relayers and builders of MEV-Boost.

MEV-Boost Dashboard

  • Overview of MEV-Boost adoption and profitability of proposers and block builders.

  • Interactive dashboard of the MEV-Boost relay and builder markets.

MEV Watch

  • Visualization of the number of blocks proposed by MEV-Boost relays excluding certain transactions compared to content agnostic relays.

Relay Monitor by Metrika

  • Monitor the bids, blocks and latency of MEV-Boost Relays.

Rated Network

  • Information about validators, pools, relays, etc.

MEV-Boost Relay & Builder Stats

  • Ethereum MEV-Boost Relay Monitoring.

MEV Data by EigenPhi

  • Analytical explorers detailing MEV and liquidity on-chain data.

Ethereum Block Value Analytics

  • Transaction pool, value over time, and builder bids of Ethereum block.


  • A living dashboard with MEV searcher data.