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The MEV-Share Matchmaker was renamed to the MEV-Share Node to better reflect the role we envision this actor will play in SUAVE. This change will be reflected in our documentation after June 2023. The client library previously named matchmaker-ts has also been renamed to mev-share-client-ts.

What is MEV-Share?

MEV-Share is an open-source protocol for users, wallets, and applications to internalize the MEV that their transactions create ("orderflow auction"). It allows users to selectively share data about their transactions with searchers who bid to include the transactions in bundles. Users can choose how the searcher's bid is redistributed -- between themselves, validators, or other parties.

MEV-Share is credibly neutral, permissionless for searchers, and does not enshrine a single block builder. It aims to reduce the centralizing impact of exclusive orderflow on Ethereum while enabling wallets and other sources of order flow to participate in the MEV supply chain.

To start earning MEV refunds from MEV-share, submit your transactions to the Flashbots MEV-Share Node, either by connecting your wallet to the Protect RPC, or sending a private transaction to the MEV-Share Node API.

Why MEV-Share?

MEV-Share redistributes MEV back to the party that creates it in the first place: users. It does so through a design that is built to scale and be decentralized, which means that it is permissionless for searchers to integrate and it does not enshrine a single block builder.

How does MEV-Share work?

Users send their transactions to a specialized actor called a MEV-Share Node. The MEV-Share Node selectively shares information about the user's transaction according to their privacy preferences. Seeing this information, searchers submit partial bundles to the MEV-Share Node to attempt to extract MEV from user's transactions without seeing the full transaction data. MEV-Share Nodes simulate each of these searcher bundles and forward the successful ones on to builders along with a condition that the user must be paid back specified percentage (by default 90%) of the MEV their transactions create.

At the moment, MEV-Share Nodes ony accept backruns.

How do I use MEV-Share?

The most simple way to use MEV-Share is by sending transactions to Flashbots Protect, which leverages the Flashbots MEV-Share Node. Wallet and application developers should check out the Flashbots Protect MEV-Share section for information about integrating and configuring the Flashbots MEV-Share Node.

How do I search on MEV-Share?

Searchers should see the Getting Started guide for a walkthrough of MEV-Share and how it differs from traditional searching.