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MEV Protection Overview

Privacy notice: Flashbots Protect RPC does not track any kind of user information (i.e. IP, location, etc.). No user information is ever stored or even logged.

Flashbots Protect is a user-friendly, secure, and powerful way to transact on Ethereum for both novices and sophisticated users.

It has the following key benefits:

  • Configurable: you can choose which builders to send to and your mev-share settings.
  • Frontrunning protection: your transaction will not be seen by bots hungry to frontrun you in the public mempool.
  • Get backrunning MEV back: if your transaction creates MEV in backrunning, you get up to 90% of it back through MEV-Share.
  • No failed transactions: your transaction will only be included if it doesn't include any reverts, so you don't pay for failed transactions.

You can use Flashbots Protect by clicking the button below, or by sending transactions using eth_sendRawTransaction to or the custom URL based on your advanced configuration below.

We want to thank MiningDAO, mistX and Nethermind for significant code contributions, testing, and being early adopters of Flashbots Protect.