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Welcome to Flashbots

Flashbots is a research and development organization formed to mitigate the negative externalities posed by Maximal Extractable Value (MEV) to stateful blockchains, starting with Ethereum.

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Discover how to capture MEV opportunities on Ethereum responsibly with Flashbots.


Eth Users

Link your wallet to Flashbots Protect to safeguard against frontrunning, benefit from backrunning MEV through the MEV-Share protocol, and receive assistance in recovering funds from scams.


Validators, Builders & Relayers

Leverage MEV-Boost to access a competitive block-building market, fostering greater competition, decentralization, and censorship-resistance for Ethereum.

About Flashbots

Our primary focus is to enable a permissionless, transparent, and sustainable ecosystem for MEV, via a three-pronged approach:

  • Illuminate: bringing transparency to MEV activity.
  • Democratize: democratizing access to MEV revenue.
  • Distribute: enabling sustainable distribution of MEV revenue.

Product & research are the semi-autonomous dual engines that propel our organization forward:

  • Flashbots Product builds core infrastructure and ecosystem tooling that redefine the block production supply chain across blockchains.
  • Flashbots Research explores MEV market dynamics and blockchain design challenges at the intersection of economics, security, and cryptography.

You can interact with Flashbots on Discord, Github, and our Discourse forum. We have dedicated channels on Discord for each of our efforts and welcome your contributions. Our work is open source and you can follow our progress in each Github repository of the Flashbots organization.

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