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welcome to flashbots

Flashbots is a research and development organization working on mitigating the negative externalities of current Maximal Extractable Value (from now on MEV) extraction techniques and avoiding the existential risks MEV could cause to state-rich blockchains like Ethereum.

Our primary focus is to enable a permissionless, transparent, and fair ecosystem for MEV extraction. It falls under three goals: Democratizing Access to MEV Revenue, Bringing Transparency to MEV Activity, and Redistributing MEV Revenue.

Our efforts are focused on three verticals:

  1. Flashbots Auction: a private communication channel between validators and searchers for transparent and efficient MEV extraction.
  2. Flashbots Data: a suite of tools for increasing MEV transparency and reducing information asymmetry.
  3. Flashbots Research: an open, transparent, and collaborative research effort to tackle short and long term research questions relevant to MEV.

You can interact with Flashbots on Discord, Github, and our Discourse forum. We have dedicated channels on Discord for each of our efforts and welcome your contributions. Our work is open source and you can follow our progress in each Github repository of the Flashbots organization.

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