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bundle pricing

Understanding bundle pricing#

Searchers submit a huge amount of bundles every block, but the amount of blockspace is limited. So what decides what can be included in a block or not? To understand the answer we will first review some context.

At a high level Flashbots is designed such that miners include the most profitable transactions possible in their blocks, and it achieves that by inserting searcher's bundles at the top of block and removing transactions at the tail of the block. Measured by gas price, these transactions at the tail of a block are the least profitable for a miner to mine. That means that for a Flashbots bundle to be considered profitable it must have a higher effective gas price than the transactions it displaces at the tail of the block.

It is important to remember that searchers can pay miners through normal gas fees or directly to the block's coinbase address (the miner). When calculating the effective gas price of a bundle, Flashbots takes into account both payments directly to coinbase as well as gas fees.

Bundle pricing formula#

Here is the formula for how bundle gas pricing is calculated:

sv0.2=ฮ”coinbase+โˆ‘TโˆˆUgTpTโˆ’โˆ‘TโˆˆMโˆฉUgTpTโˆ‘TโˆˆUgTs_{v0.2} = \frac{\Delta_{coinbase} + \sum_{T\in U}g_Tp_T - \sum_{T\in M \cap U}g_Tp_T}{\sum_{T\in U}g_T}

ss: bundle UU score used to sort bundles.
UU: ordered list of transactions TT in a bundle.
MM: set of transactions TT in the mempool.
gTg_{T}: gas used by transaction TT.
pTp_{T}: gas price of transaction TT.
ฮ”coinbase\Delta_{coinbase}: coinbase difference from direct payment.


This formula derives the effective gas price of the bundle by summing up all payments to coinbase as well as gas fees except for the gas fees of transactions that have been seen in the mempool.

The gas fees of mempool transactions are deducted to prevent "stuffing" bundles with high gas price transactions from the mempool to inflate the effective gas price.

Why aren't my bundles being included?#

There are three reasons to examine. First, your bundles may not be paying a higher gas price than the tail end of a block. You should examine the gas price that your bundles are paying by first simulating the bundles and looking at the coinbase difference and gas consumed. If it is lower than the tail end of recent blocks you will need to up your gas price accordingly.

Second, you may be competing with other searchers to capture the same opportunities, and they may be paying a higher gas price than you. Again, check the gas price that your bundles are paying by simulating them first and logging how much you are paying for a particular opportunity in a particular block. Then if your bundle is not included you can use the blocks API to see what bundle was included in your target block and how much they paid.

Third, bundles below 42,000 gas used are rejected by the relay. This is to mitigate spam bundles that do nothing meaningful on chain.