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Quick start

Key Considerations

Flashbots Protect has the following key benefits:

  • Highly Configurable: Customize your preference level for privacy, latency, and rebate returns.
  • No frontrunning: Transactions are hidden from the public mempool away from front-running and sandwich bots.
  • Earn refunds: If your transaction creates MEV, earn MEV refunds through MEV-Share. If your transaction pays high priority fees, earn gas fee refunds.
  • No failed transactions: Transactions are only included in the block if they will not revert. Users do not pay fees for failed transactions.

Faster Transactions

Using Protect in fast mode accelerates the inclusion of your transaction. Click the "fast" option when configuring your Protect RPC or manually set your RPC to

Fast mode details:

  1. Shared with all builders: Transactions are multiplexed, or shared, with all registered builders within one block after they are received. Multiplexing increases the probability that the transaction will be sent to the builder building the winning block.
  2. Larger validator payment: With the default RPC, 10% of the MEV-Share refund is paid to validators. In fast mode, validators receive a higher percentage of the MEV-Share refund increasing the probability that the transaction will be included in the winning block.

Note: When you send your transaction to a builder, you trust them not to frontrun your transaction or disclose it to third-party MEV searchers.

Do Not Switch RPCs Before Transaction Confirmation If you submit a transaction through Flashbots Protect via the MetaMask wallet, do not switch RPCs before transaction confirmation. MetaMask may resend the transaction to the public mempool exposing your transaction to potential MEV attacks if RPCs are switched before transaction confirmation.

Using Flashbots Protect

There are three ways to use Flashbots Protect:

  1. Add the Flashbots Protect RPC to your wallet.
  2. Send transactions to the RPC URL using eth_sendRawTransaction.
  3. Send transactions to Flashbots using eth_sendPrivateTransaction.

The easiest way to use Flashbots Protect is to add the Flashbots Protect RPC to your wallet. Use the button below to create a custom Protect RPC or follow the manual instructions. Note that you can configure the builders you send to and your MEV-Share hints as well.

Adding Flashbots Protect RPC Manually

You can also add Flashbots Protect RPC manually in MetaMask by following these steps:

  1. Expand the Network drop-down menu by clicking on your current network at the top of your MetaMask. By default you are connected to “Ethereum mainnet.”
  2. Click “Add network”
  3. Click “Add a network manually” and fill in the following information:
  1. Click “Save.”
  2. Click “Switch to Flashbots Protect”


Flashbots Protect RPC for Goerli testnet can be added with these details:

Below is the list of Flashbots Protect RPCs we currently support across Ethereum mainnet and testnets:


Stuck transactions

Please see our stuck transactions guide for help with dealing with transactions that are "stuck" as pending.