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System Requirements

This guide assumes a pre-installed and hardened Ubuntu installation as well as Docker. Excellent introductory resources to start with are: Coincashew, and Rocketpool's Securing your Node

Requirements for different systems

Execution + Beacon Requirements

  • Software: Execution client, beacon node client (instructions for clients below), curl
  • OS: 64-bit Linux, Mac OS X 10.14+, Windows 10+ 64-bit
  • CPU: 4+ cores @ 2.8+ GHz
  • Memory: 16GB+ RAM
  • Storage: SSD with at least 2TB free space
  • Network: 8 MBit/sec broadband

There are variations in client resource usage. Please review CoinCashew’s Client Usage Guide for more details!

Validator Requirements

  • Everything above, plus...
  • Software: Validator client, browser-based crypto wallet (instructions below)
  • Hardware (Recommended): A new machine that has never been connected to the internet that you can use to securely generate your mnemonic phrase and keypair
  • 32 ETH (Mainnet)
  • 32 testnet ETH (Testnets)

MEV-Boost Requirements

  • Can run on any beacon-node system, and requires almost no resources.

Consensus client configuration guides

MEV-Boost Client Guides