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quick start

Let's use mev-inspect to find the same arbitrage as MEV Alpha Leak


Get mev-inspect running by going through the install section

Inspect a block#

Using the linked etherscan transaction, we can see the block number is 12914944.

To inspect this block, run

./mev inspect 12914944

Connect to Postgres#

We'll connect to the Postgres database to see the data inspect found in that block

Let's start up a client container connected to the DB:

./mev db

When you see the prompt


You're ready to query!

To make the data display nice, switch into "Expanded display" mode by running


Query for arbitrage data#

Let's find that arbitrage by querying the arbitrages table:

SELECT *FROM arbitragesWHERE    block_number = 12914944 AND    transaction_hash = '0xfcf4558f6432689ea57737fe63124a5ec39fd6ba6aaf198df13a825dd599bffc'

You should see output like this:

id                   | ff2deb13-c2c1-4ef5-a6ff-0ca813a07d6bcreated_at           | 2021-09-27 15:26:58.193263account_address      | 0x0000fee6275dab194ab538a01dd8b18b02b20000profit_token_address | 0xc02aaa39b223fe8d0a0e5c4f27ead9083c756cc2block_number         | 12914944transaction_hash     | 0xfcf4558f6432689ea57737fe63124a5ec39fd6ba6aaf198df13a825dd599bffcstart_amount         | 70287643212620210176end_amount           | 123848351154563483804profit_amount        | 53560707941943273628

We can see this matches the original tweet description!

The profit_token_address is the address for WETH, our start_amount is 70 WETH (assuming 18 decimals), and our end_amount is 123 WETH

Query for arbitrage swaps#

We can learn about the swaps involed in this arbitrage by joining against the arbitrage_swaps and swaps tables

Note: you'll need to switch in the id you got in the first query for arbitrage_id

SELECT s.*FROM swaps sJOIN arbitrage_swaps arb_swaps ON    s.transaction_hash = arb_swaps.swap_transaction_hash AND    s.trace_address = arb_swaps.swap_trace_addressWHERE arb_swaps.arbitrage_id = 'ff2deb13-c2c1-4ef5-a6ff-0ca813a07d6b';

You should see output like this:

-[ RECORD 1 ]-----+-------------------------------------------------------------------created_at        | 2021-09-27 15:26:58.180131abi_name          | UniswapV3Pooltransaction_hash  | 0xfcf4558f6432689ea57737fe63124a5ec39fd6ba6aaf198df13a825dd599bffcblock_number      | 12914944protocol          |pool_address      | 0x88e6a0c2ddd26feeb64f039a2c41296fcb3f5640from_address      | 0x7ec0b75a98997c927ace6d87958147a105147ea0to_address        | 0x0000fee6275dab194ab538a01dd8b18b02b20000token_in_address  | 0xa0b86991c6218b36c1d19d4a2e9eb0ce3606eb48token_in_amount   | 283588902010token_out_address | 0xc02aaa39b223fe8d0a0e5c4f27ead9083c756cc2token_out_amount  | 123848351154563483804trace_address     | {0,0}error             |-[ RECORD 2 ]-----+-------------------------------------------------------------------...

Query for miner payment#

Lastly, we can see how much was paid to the miner for this transaction by querying by the transaction hash:

SELECT *FROM miner_paymentsWHERE transaction_hash = '0xfcf4558f6432689ea57737fe63124a5ec39fd6ba6aaf198df13a825dd599bffc';

You should see results like this:

created_at                       | 2021-09-27 15:26:58.245444block_number                     | 12914944transaction_hash                 | 0xfcf4558f6432689ea57737fe63124a5ec39fd6ba6aaf198df13a825dd599bffctransaction_index                | 1miner_address                    | 0x5A0b54D5dc17e0AadC383d2db43B0a0D3E029c4ccoinbase_transfer                | 48204637147748941824base_fee_per_gas                 | 0gas_price                        | 0gas_price_with_coinbase_transfer | 200463421638605gas_used                         | 240466transaction_to_address           | 0x00000000454a11ca3a574738c0aab442b62d5d45transaction_from_address         | 0xd80276cd0348e9b3c5d017e1f7529f0a785fec3a

gas_price is the gas price paid directly as gas (it includes the EIP-1559 base fee)

coinbase_transfer is the amount of ETH paid directly as a transfer to the validator's address

gas_price_with_coinbase_transfer is the gas price including both original gas and coinbase transfers

So in total, this searcher paid 48.2 ETH to make 53.5 ETH for a net profit of 5.3 ETh

Next steps#

To see what other data is available for querying, check out the data section

To learn about inspecting blocks in bulk or listening for new blocks as they come in, check out the inspecting section