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a classified trace represents a single trace

classified traces optionally include:

  • a classification for the call (ex: transfer, swap, liquidation)
  • decoded function name and inputs


classified_attimestamp without time zonenot nullwhen this trace was added to the database
block_numbernumericnot nullblock number
transaction_hashcharacter varying(66)not nulltransaction hash
trace_addressinteger[]not nulltrace address
trace_typecharacter varying(256)not nullthe type of call in the trace - one of call, create, delegate_call, reward, suicide
classificationcharacter varying(256)not nullclassification for the trace - one of unknown, swap, burn, transfer, liquidate
protocolcharacter varying(256)the protocol associated with the trace
abi_namecharacter varying(1024)the ABI used to decode this trace
function_namecharacter varying(2048)the name of the function called
function_signaturecharacter varying(2048)the signature of the function called
inputsjsoninputs of the function
from_addresscharacter varying(256)from address
to_addresscharacter varying(256)to address
valuenumericETH value
gas_usednumericgas used
errorcharacter varying(256)error