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an arbitrage is an circuit of swaps

arbitrages are joined to their corresponding swaps in the arbitrage_swaps table


idcharacter varying(256)not nullunique id
created_attimestamp without time zonenot nullwhen the entry was added to the database
block_numbernumericnot nullblock number
transaction_hashcharacter varying(256)not nulltransaction hash
account_addresscharacter varying(256)not nulladdress that took the profit of the arb - can be a contract or an EOA
profit_token_addresscharacter varying(256)not nulltoken that profit was taken in
profit_amountnumericnot nullgross profit - note: this does not account for miner payment
start_amountnumericnot nullstarting amount of the profit token
end_amountnumericnot nullend amount of the profit token

The "miner" nomenclature will be replaced in a future release to accurately reflect PoS Ethereum architecture.